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Song of the Flies

– An animated triptych –

The poetry film triptych “Song of the Flies” takes an artistic approach to the volume of the same name by the well-known Colombian writer Maria Mercedes Carranza (1945–2003). Each of the 24 short poems published in 1998 refers to a town in Colombia where a massacre took place in the 90’s. The poems therefore describe a topography of violence and horror.


Nine Colombian


approach the poems and translate them into an animated three-part film.

Alejandra Tilano (CO)

Laura Victoria Delgado (CZ)

Catalina Giraldo Vélez (DE)

Diana Menestrey S. (DE)

Sandra Reyes (DE)

Bibiana Rojas Gómez (CO)

Cecilia Traslavina (CO)

Ana Maria Vallejo (DE)

María Carolina Lucio (CO)

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Song of the flies is an experimental animation project. The resulting shortfilms can be shown in theaters and festivals. In addition, we would also like for them to travel as a nomadic exhibition in Colombia and hopefully around the world. To achieve this, we need your help! Thank you in advance for any ideas, referrals or donations!