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Song of the Flies

– An iteration of Violence – 

The experimental animated film, El Canto de las Moscas, translates the desolation caused by the violence of the Colombian armed conflict through the poetic voice of Maria Mercedes Carranza (1945-2003) and the audiovisual dialogue between 9 Colombian women. In 24 places that are visited during the course of a day, a map of terror is drawn where massacres took place in Colombia in the 1990s. Archival images, the artists’ personal memories and the use of loops and analog materials bring to life the landscapes ravaged by violence and build a polyphony of memory and mourning, a universal song of pain.

This is a three-part collaborative animated film -Morning, Day, Night-, that can be shown either as independent films of 15 min. each or as a Triptych of  44 min. long. It is currently being promoted at festivals and is looking for screening venues. Produced in Thuringia.


Nine Colombian


approach the poems and translate them into an animated three-part film.

Alejandra Tilano (CO)

Laura Victoria Delgado (CZ)

Catalina Giraldo Vélez (DE)

Diana Menestrey S. (DE)

Sandra Reyes (DE)

Bibiana Rojas Gómez (CO)

Cecilia Traslavina (CO)

Ana Maria Vallejo (DE)

María Carolina Lucio (CO)

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Song of the flies is an experimental animation project. The resulting shortfilms can be shown in theaters and festivals. In addition, we would also like for them to travel as a nomadic exhibition in Colombia and hopefully around the world. To achieve this, we need your help!

In addition to the film, the Literarische Gesellschaft Thüringen plans to publish a book about the film and with the translation of the poems into German by the end of 2021.

For more information about the poems and the massacres you can visit the film’s instagram account.